Electrodes are the element that passes the output from a power box to the subject. All of our electrodes are created to offer the best in comfort safety and durability.

BiPolar Electrodes have two contact points, Monopole electrodes have one contact point and need to be used in conjunction with another monopole electrode.

Insertable electrodes are obviously designed to insert into the body. Our exclusive range provides creations from the tiny 1" Micro right up to the massive and world record holding 4" 3.6Kg Decimator. and include the recently launched Red Collection, a group of perfectly formed highly polished electrodes that feel as good as they look.

Our range of Lightweight insertables are designed for where weight is an issue, but if you are looking for the best in the world, then have a look at our range of Premium Insertables, all of which are covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Looking for something a little different? Electrowands™ are polished monopole electrodes. They can be used for insertion or play over the surface of the skin. Another one of our exclusive designs and again covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Our new range of UltraSounds™ are specialised monopole electrodes created for insertion into the penis, and have been developed into several different sizes and styles. Edge play at its best. Use with extreme care.

Surface Electrodes have been created to play on the skin...... Sticky Pads, Clips, Whiskers, Tweezers, Pinwheels and Speculums we offer them all.

Conductive Rubber has has been used to create a unique and unusual electrode for cock play, but can have other uses.

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